It’s a hundred times more costly to react to workplace violence than to be prepared for and work on preventing it from occurring. Moreover, research shows that employees who know what to do and are given the tools to protect themselves will feel more comfortable in their workplace and be more productive. Whether it’s a corporate office, distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any public-facing location, StaffAlert™ can help you provide a secure workplace for your employees — simply, quickly and cost-effectively.


A Safe Return On Your Investment

StaffAlert™ provides an accurate, reliable, easy-to-use employee safety solution that features a Smart Badge for instant alerting. Now you can increase productivity and decrease employee vulnerability, with StaffAlert™ — the most accurate, reliable and easy-to-use employee safety solution available!

StaffAlert™ Benefits

Affordable Staff Protection

Create instant awareness and peace of mind with the ultra-thin StaffAlert™ Smart ID Badge that gives wearers feedback by vibrating when pressed, providing reassurance that their distress call has been “heard.”

Accelerated Incident Response

Get help where it’s needed faster with StaffAlert’s locating technology and tracking software that follows the distressed staff member from the moment of activation until incident resolution.

Reliable Enterprise-Wide Protection

Put a security net around your property with StaffAlert’s private, proprietary “mesh” network that eliminates single points of failure, doesn’t burden the existing wi-fi infrastructure and works even when the wi-fi — or power — does not!

More Than a “Panic” System

Use StaffAlert’s dual function Smart ID Badge to empower staff members to initiate both low and high level alerts — from a simple and more frequent “help” request to a more serious “panic” alert.

Actionable Analytical Data

Receive Alert Summary reports, track trends across your enterprise and compare target versus actual response times with StaffAlert’s powerful Insights engine that helps inform future incident responses and measure protocol/process effectiveness.

Powerful Software Suite

Manage and monitor incidents in real time onsite or remotely with StaffAlert’s integrated crisis management platform that includes dedicated desktop and mobile applications for viewing dynamically updating floorplans, video camera feeds (where applicable), and ongoing crisis communication.