Nowhere is the incidence of workplace violence more prevalent and persistent than healthcare. Workers in healthcare are 20% more at risk of workplace violence than workers in other industries, and they are nearly four times as likely to miss time as an outcome of workplace violence than due to any other type of injury. The potential threat of personal harm is a heavy burden to carry, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Now there’s a solution that can ease that burden and give the dedicated staff in your facility a powerful and dependable source of comfort: StaffAlert™ — the most reliable, accurate and easy-to-use healthcare professional safety solution available!


Help Is At Your Fingertips

Create peace of mind and instant awareness with the ultra-thin StaffAlert™ Smart Badge that gives the wearer feedback by vibrating when pressed, providing reassurance that the call for help has been “heard.” StaffAlert’s pinpoint Alert Strobe technology accurately follows the distressed staff member from the moment of activation until incident resolution.

StaffAlert™ Benefits

Raise Morale, Lower Turnover

Create peace of mind and a safer workplace with the ultra-thin StaffAlert™ Alert Badge that gives wearers feedback by vibrating when pressed, providing reassurance that their distress call has been “heard.”

Know Sooner, Respond Faster

Get instant notifications of a staff member in distress and know when a response is in progress, who is responding and when they arrive with StaffAlert’s pinpoint locating technology and powerful response tracking software.

Instantly Lock Down Your Facility

Lock down your facility in less than 2 seconds from multiple devices, including the StaffAlert™ Alert Badge, smartphone running Android or iOS, or a PC or Mac desk/laptop computer.

Provide Reliable Facility-Wide Protection

Secure your facility with StaffAlert’s private, proprietary “mesh” network that eliminates single points of failure, doesn’t burden the existing wi-fi infrastructure and works even when the wi-fi — or power — does not!

Get More Out of Your Employee Safety Solution

Use StaffAlert’s dual function Alert Badge to empower your personnel to initiate both low and high level alerts — from a simple and more frequent “help” request to a more serious “panic” alert.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Stay on top of what’s going on in your facility with automated reporting, trend tracking and target versus actual response times comparisons with StaffAlert’s powerful Insights engine that helps inform future incident responses and measure protocol/process effectiveness.